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November 19th

http://twitpic.com/q6p2k – Jemaine has been told his facial hair is too hostile so he is considering this new look.

November 18th

Bret and Jemaine are planning their own solo tours.To save costs they’ll perform on the same stage, at the same time,singing the same songs.

November 16th

http://twitpic.com/pt7xj – Jemaine and Bret are listening to New Zealand’s latest song hit.

November 13th

Bret dreamt another new song but it turned out to be Yesterday by the Beatles. Jemaine suggested Bret give up his cheese dream song writing.

November 12th

Bret woke up excited having dreamt a brand new song. The cheese worked. Jemaine thought it sounded familiar and then realised it was Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffet. Tonight Bret is going to try a different cheese.

November 11th

Bret is still trying to dream a song. Jemaine suggested he eat cheese before bed. Bret has placed small pieces of cheese on his pillow so that he can snack throughout the night.

November 10th

Bret has been watching a documentary about The Beatles. When he found out the song Yesterday came to Paul in a dream he immediately went to sleep. He said he’s concentrating on dreaming for the rest of the week.

October 31st

The new website is launched in New Zealand. The difference in time zones makes it appear to the rest of the world that the website is from tomorrow.

October 30th

Bret drank a carrot juice and claims it enabled him play the guitar faster.

October 29th

Bret and Jemaine plan to do a tour of all towns in the world called Concord. The Conchord’s Concord tour dates will be posted soon.

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