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October 30th

Bret drank a carrot juice and claims it enabled him play the guitar faster.

5 Responses to “October 30th”

  1. Jillvw

    So flippin’ glad to see everything on this site! Great job!

  2. Karen

    A FOTC website of epic proportions. Flippin’ awesome job guys. It’s Christmas in October. There is so much to explore. I’ve been visiting for hours & it’s all quite impressive. You guys just keep giving. You’re so good to us.

    🙂 your adoring fan, Karen

  3. Sylwia

    Well, I must try Bret’s recipe, then. But wait… does it work with air or acoustic guitar?

    P. S. Love the site! If it’s really yours, than I’m happy it exists! Why didn’t you tell us?!

  4. Nik

    Carrot juice concentrate will enable Bret to spin the earth around and reverse time, ala Superman.

  5. Did it also make him mistype his news stories? There’s a word missing….but I don’t mind. I still love FOTC! 🙂

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