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November 18th

Bret and Jemaine are planning their own solo tours.To save costs they’ll perform on the same stage, at the same time,singing the same songs.

12 Responses to “Bret and Jemaine are planning …”

  1. Nik

    Do I get 50% off if I only watch one of you? I could see you in two cities, just to keep things even.

  2. inked pony

    Another message from the future. I love your bad ass ways.

  3. Gustaf

    you are silly boys ^^
    It should be nice if you fixed “RSS” on your news.

    super freindly regards from Sweden

  4. mockingbird

    Hee hee! Good plan. Saves me the trouble of going to two separate shows too.

  5. have Bret and Jermaine settled on a promoter and booked their
    tour(s) yet ? i would like to make a touring offer / discuss possibilities. i have toured many comedians thru’ nz over the last 25 x years with the most recent ones being Mike King – two national, mostly sold-out theatre tours – and currently booking dates for Te Radar.

    • mockingbird

      I got really excited when I read your post and then I realized I was thinking of Paul Weller. I’m sure you’re very nice too though.

  6. Johan

    Where will it be?! I must come!

  7. LauraK

    I’d like to come to one of ______’s shows, but to spare any hurt feelings, I won’t say which or name the specific side of the stage I’d like to be seated on.
    Looking forward to his tour….

  8. Nena

    What if you guys got together and formed a band or a duo or something? It would really solidify your fan-base and maybe make touring easier.

  9. When? Where? Just say the word and I’ll be there. So will my girl, who’ll be in a whirl, to see her favourite guy in glasses and the other’s head trussed in curls. I’m bald with 20/20 vision you see. Well actually, I do wear glasses but if you bring your tour near to us, I don’t mind leaving them at home.

  10. Rich

    Argh if you’re not doing a third season, stop throwing out great episode ideas that cause me more agony of there not being a third season.

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