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November 12th

Bret woke up excited having dreamt a brand new song. The cheese worked. Jemaine thought it sounded familiar and then realised it was Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffet. Tonight Bret is going to try a different cheese.

9 Responses to “November 12th”

  1. I don’t know if it would help with coming up with new song ideas, but maybe he should try and get sick. When I had chicken pox I saw cowboys riding around the ceiling. They had sofa cushions for horses. I was only about five.

  2. Nik

    To get an original song, Bret may need to make his own cheese. Do either of you have a pet goat?

    • Nik! That’s what I was thinking about just a moment ago! Yesterday evening I ate cheese called Royal and all I could hear throughout the night was “God, save the Queen!” Very official dream but nothing original:).

  3. mockingbird

    Good luck Bret. We’re all pulling for you. Have you tried Swiss cheese? You might come up with a good yodel.

  4. Jessica

    Bret should stay away from “pasteurized processed cheese product” otherwise he might have some nightmares. Hmm, although some sweet theremin tunes might come out of it…

  5. jill

    I am not sure about this idea…I live not too far from Wisconsin in the States. They eat cheese there ALL of the time and I ask you this-what famous songs spring to mind when you hear “Wisconsin?”

  6. mockingbird

    These are all really good suggestions. Also may I suggest drugs? I think the Beatles did a lot of drugs.

  7. inked pony

    This can only lead to trainspotting in the end, Bret. Give up the cheese!

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