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December 17th

Turns out Josh Pyke already made a guitar boat, so Bret and Jemaine are floating the idea of a guitar shaped dirigible.

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  1. mockingbird

    Sorry, I already made a guitar shaped dirigible, but you’re welcome to borrow it if you want. (As long as you promise not to make any more puns.)

    • mockingbird

      So… apparently you guys aren’t interested in borrowing the dirigible? If you are let me know ASAP, otherwise it’s going on tour with the Flaming Lips.

  2. Madam Defarge

    oh the humanity

  3. lolopop

    how about a keytar boat? nobody’s made that before, i’m pretty sure. except maybe thomas dolby, but it didn’t float.

  4. inked pony

    Yay. At least you’re working together on something and planning to go somewhere.
    Did you know there is a house that some guy designed to be played. The entire house is structured as a giant instrument and everything is built into the walls – even strings that can be strummed stretch across whole walls and there are keys wired into sound boards, etc…I think it would be amazing to let you two do a video at that house and play through each room.
    I know…quit sending you stupid ideas.
    Can’t help myself sometimes.
    Guess that’s why I’m usually awaiting moderation longer than the rest.

  5. bibliaddict

    Just don’t fly it over Lakehurst, NJ. Not a good track record with dirigible traffic.

  6. Euc

    Ooh – nice idea. Can’t hardly wait for tour news…and also anticipating what your next screen roles will be. Would’ve loved to see you 2 in the new Sherlock Holmes film..as the lead characters, of course. You guys woulda rocked. Bret – given your NME interview, curious what you’ll next be on the silver screen. When will we find about what you’re working on, Jemaine? How about playing Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies opposite Natalie Portman? I don’t think anybody could play the role like you could. You would be perfect! Bet you get that a lot!

  7. Not anything to do with guitar boats, but, Merry Xmas!


    UK Xmas number one ’09


    Midsummer Swedish festivities style


  8. deadmeatpete

    i once made a boat out of a sledge and a body board. suprisingly it didn’t work and i got quite wet

  9. inked pony

    Why am I always awaiting? It’s like getting double stuffed.

    • inked pony

      Oh for god’s sake…are you messing with me?
      In the meantime, please check out what your other exes have been up to…birthday shenanigans, Big J.
      Yeah, I’ll just be waiting. and awaiting. Sheesh

  10. trefusis

    A double-necked Gibson like Jimmy Page’s might be particularly apt ;0)

  11. I want more updates. Not knowing what you’re up to makes the little stalker inside me cry.

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