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December 2nd

Bret and Jemaine were excited to discover McDonald’s has arrived in New Zealand. http://www.filmarchive.org.nz/sellebration/view.php?id=144

4 Responses to “Bret and Jemaine were excited …”

  1. carol lynn

    So the McDonalds in Chad preceded the one in New Zealand?
    Wow. Now the New Zealand Consulate can add that feature to their revolving inventory of travel posters!
    I’m so happy for you, fellas, but watch out that you don’t get too much junk in your McTrunks

  2. hans

    enjoy the meal!!

  3. Nena

    Wow, news travels super fast over-down there in NZ!! Be prepared, Bret and Jemaine, the excitement you’re experiencing will wear off but only after about 33 years. Until then, enjoy the hypnotizing glow of the golden arches. (Oh, and don’t eat the burgers. They’re made of soylent green!!)

  4. LauraK

    😀 McDonald’s used to make their burgers bigger! Those patties look huge, lol!

    I watched the Cadbury Pinky bar ad….yikes. “Pinky…some people say that you’re kind of kinky…..” Thinly veiled innuendo going on in that candy-bar-disco, lol.
    Funny stuff…

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