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December 16th

Bret and Jemaine are currently designing a boat that looks like a guitar. They hope to travel by sea for their next tour.

8 Responses to “Bret and Jemaine are currently…”

  1. You mean the DG20 doesn’t have a Jetpack function?? I’m crushed.

  2. Nik

    Take me with you, and I can be one of the crew members responsible for jumping on the strings. You’ll need quality hammer-ons to scare away the sharks. <3

  3. Guilherme

    So why don´t you guys travel to Brazil??? I wanna see your show!!!

  4. Cariola Minze

    would be cool, if you guys would come to Germany too 😉

  5. Monique

    You should maybe come to Mexico City, believe it or not you have at least 3 fans in here.. well that’s of course without counting Mel.
    No, I’m serious you have a big fan base in here.
    Loads of luv Monique

  6. SheWolf

    Why don’t you design a plane that looks like a guitar and fly?

  7. rictar6

    COME TO MY HOUSE. I want to see your show.

  8. MarkkuMan

    Why dont you design your boat as a meatball and come to Sweden?
    Or somewhere near Sweden so me and morgan could come and see your show!!

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