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November 26th

Although New Zealand doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, Jemaine is eating a pumpkin and a pie to try and simulate the delicious American dream.

4 Responses to “Although New Zealand doesn’t c…”

  1. inked pony

    My God, you two ARE the men alamode.
    Don’t forget to top it off with a healthy mouthful of whipped cream, Big J. I have a feeling you’re no stranger to a can of Rediwhip 😀

  2. Nena

    The dream is a ruse, Jemaine – be careful! Also, hiding in the the innocent pumpkin are the pumpkin seeds and ingesting raw pumpkin seeds could possibly cause nightmares! (albeit, delicious nightmares…)

  3. hilary

    hi guys, we are coming to godzone for xmas to visit the kids who have moved there to live with nz partners. are you gigging anywhere would love to see you live. really love the show.

  4. jillvw

    I like pie!

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